Just a rant


I’ve been sober for a while now. Happy that I was able to walk away from my drinking. My family are all all drinkers, so when I told them i quit drinking cuz i have a problem, there were a few times they tried to get me to drink but then realized I was firm in what I wanted. For the most part, I have had slight urges to have a drink. I’d pass my favorite liquor store and could taste the rum. But I would keep going and be fine. My stepson (I only say that cuz I’m gonna be marrying his mom soon but he is like a son to me) has been struggling with getting sober for a long while now. His mom wanted me to stay at my parents for a while cuz she didn’t want me to fall back into old habits. Yesterday she called me to the house and she is having him admitted to rehab for thirty days, after that he said he wants to go stay with his dad in Seattle. I won’t lie, I feel like that would be best for him to get out of his environment. But I feel like I failed him and wasnt enough of a good role model for him. So as I left to go to my parents, it took everything in me to not stop and grab a bottle. I wanted to so badly, I even had an excuse ready and everything. But I didn’t. Its 330 am, and I


Good job posting a rant instead. You know your excuse wouldn’t have fooled yourself and maybe it wouldn’t have fooled anyone else either. Living honestly is so much easier.


Not a failure on your part in any way. Until a person is ready nothing on earth can make them change. However by being that role model you planted a seed that hopefully one day he can grab onto and make a change.

Keep it up!!!


Thank you. I appreciate that.


I just hope he grabs it and never let’s go. Thank you for the response.


Well done you didn’t pick and you are stronger than you think. X


One really never knows what kind of influence you have on these younger people in our lives until time passes. Please don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t meet your own expectations. I Suspect that he will learn from how you are living your sober life and the rewards will come later. Stay strong life your sober life. Thanks for sharing


Parenting never stops. Doesn’t matter if your 70 and they’re 50, you’ve still been there first and can impart the wisdom you learned. Just keep living the way you want and support them in their lives and you can’t fail them.

Keep trudging your road, your steps in the right direction have an impact whether you know it or not.

Good work on not picking up and not giving yourself the excuse. That’s not failing, that’s leading by example.


Thank everyone for responding. That really has helped me along.


You didn’t fail! You’re showing him right now through your actions how it can be done. You will be such an incredible resource for him during and after rehab too. You’re a great dad and always will be. He will see that and hold onto it.


You are becoming the most powerful role model possible for him right now!

Living in a sobriety-supportive environment (with your folks) will allow you to lay the firmest foundation down during year one, for long-term recovery. In time, one of the perks of your sobriety will be a new, restored, improved relationship with your step son.

You said yourself, at the moment, he’d be better out of his environment. Trust your gut. Be happy for him & encouraging. You haven’t lost him… you’re actually finding your way back to each other.