Just do it!

I had an experience this weekend that I would like to share with you all. There have been several threads talking about hobbies and things to do instead of drinking. My husband builds models. This past weekend my father was visiting our house for the first time and checking out all of the models my husband had built while he was overseas. Then he starts telling me about how he used to build model cars and even customize them because the models weren’t intricate enough. I asked him what ever happened to them? He said he didn’t know - they had gotten lost or given away. Then he told me how he had always wanted to build a ship in a bottle.

I’m sitting there thinking - just do it! He’s had all of these years to work on these hobbies and he doesn’t. He goes to work, goes to the bar, comes home and sleeps. Every day. And he’s miserable. He doesn’t have any hobbies besides drinking and it was strange for me to learn that he has other interests.

Anyway - I don’t really have a point. Just wanted to share that story. It made me think of how much time drinking wastes - especially over a lifetime.

Sidenote: I can’t remember where I heard it but I heard a piece of advice once that went something like this. Any time you are inclined to say you don’t have time for something - instead say “it’s not a priority.” Really changes how you view things.


I heard that phrase recently on a ted talk. Think it was about time management. Personally im the same, i tell myself i dont have the spare time to commit to a hobby when in fact i could easily make time! Im just too lazy lol

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I love it. I’m definitely making more things a priority. I’ve wanted to get back into shape. But hungover all the time nursing myself to a resonable condition I always put it off. Now I’m doing it. Lots of comments this week about my weight lose. Its really nice to know it’s being noticed. And my agenda with conquering the mountains is becoming a reality now. I hike a lot. Walk a lot. And just simply do more now. Priorities! Love it

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That’s probably where I heard it lol. Love me some TEDtalks!

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