Just Getting Started!

Woke up this morning & after a month of heavy drinking…for no reason just because really… but also a lifetime with an unhealthy relationship to alcohol…I searched & decided to download this app …as I wanted to take back control of my life!

I’ve read some heartwarming journeys on here…but I’m feeling scared too…like I might fail before I’ve even started…but let’s start & I’ll keep reading through everyone’s journey as it may just help & inspire me!

Please if you can share anything positive that may help me…I’d appreciate it.

Thanks :sunflower:


Welcome! This is a great first step

Hi, welcome.
At this stage I would say keep doing what you are doing.
If you have any questions, look them up using the magnifying glass above.
And most importantly, don’t worry about failing.
We only fail when we stop trying.
Just concentrate on no drinking, one day at a time, or one hour or one minute whatever it takes to remain sober.
Don’t think about the future and what might happen. This is not in our control.
We only have right now that we have control over.
Stay strong


Welcome !
It’s scary but freeing.
Keep reading and interacting. Good people and inspiration here.

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Hi…thank you for the words of encouragement …I’ll keep as positive as I can & read through people’s journeys

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Thank you for your response…I feel so much more rein ensured & you’re right one day, hour, minute at a time!

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Your very welcomed here ,you amongst like minded people with one goal in mind to abstain or try are dammed hardest too.:pray::pray::pray:

Yes! Take control! That’s awesome to hear!

Control was actually my personal " theme word " for 2019. I felt like I had no control over myself or my life and figured a great step would be to quit drinking, so I did. It wasn’t that easy of course, it’s definitely a journey, but one that’s completely worth it.

A few helpful things I’ve heard along the way (mostly from people on here):
You’re never a failure as long as you get back up and keep trying.
One day at a time. All you have to do is get through today.
It might not always be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

You got this!

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I’m here now, great people! I’m not alone…We can do this together :heart::anchor::heart: I’m still learning how to post and and reply to comments​:+1: Have s great Day Everyone!!

@Sunshine1980. You wanted positives. I’m at 15 days. Sleep becomes amazing. Waking up feeling refreshed, better memory of activities(haha), better relationships, more money in your pocket, losing weight, energy! These things I keep my focus on. Meditation,praying, reading testimony of addicts,podcasts on sobriety, reading about recovery. I also started so many crafts. Painting,focus board, reading,and I’m honest with myself. Craving it doesn’t go away, I try to distract my mind and sit in those feelings without giving in. Proud of you! Welcome to sober life!!!


Welcome to this great community. I have a suggestion. Pay close attention to HALT which could lead to relapse very quick.
Another suggestion I have is to come here often to read and interact. You can’t do this alone. We’re all here cheering you on.

Welcome. This place has helped me tremendously. I’m sure you’ll feel the same. Take it day by day. You’ll feel weight lifting off your shoulders as you conquer another day, hour, whatever it takes. Most importantly, don’t stop trying.

Welcome I will tell you this, after 52 years this app did it I’m currently eight months off alcohol and 1 year 7 months cigarettes,keep reading the stories and don’t worry about hitting the reset I did it for about 2 years just never quit the journey :wink:

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Thank ever so much for this lovely words really a big help!

Definitely noted…I’ll keep these triggers in mind…thankyou

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Thank …your support is greatly appreciated

Welcome! You came to the right place for inspiration and support.
Congratulations for taking this huge step of admitting your relationship with alcohol is problematic and deciding to take control of your life.
It took me over a decade to come to this realisation I always created excuses not to stop.
I can promise you stoping is the best decision you will ever make. Living sober is living according to your true self and it is so liberating.
In the beginning of your journey I suggest to keep yourself busy - exercise (walking, bike, peloton, hitt, yoga), read or listen to podcasts and audiobooks about topics you are interested, watch movies, cook (try if even if you are not very good - I am not very good but I enjoy the process), meditate, organise your closet and hour home (sell or donate what you don’t wear - this will clear out the stagnant energy and feels amazing), volunteer/ mentor someone, learn something you always wanted - instrument, language, new skill (like drawing or calligraphy :blush:
Don’t socialise where people will be drinking in the beginning (I was only comfortable to do that after a few months)
In early sobriety I had a policy to say yes to trying everything that would add value to my life and would make me busy so I would not think about drinking - so I tried philosophy lectures (at the time face to face), guided meditation classes, kirtan yoga chanting classes (so cathartic), new moon rituals, various (!!!) exercise classes.
Some of those things became integral part of my life and routine!
Surrender yourself to this journey! Sobriety is transformative in the most amazing way!
I hope this helps

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Always remember setbacks and bumps here and there are going to happen but its about how many times you pick yourself back up that counts stay strong my friend

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Ahhh…thanks for the positive response

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Every great thing you think can happen, will.

Plus more.