Just Heard Bad News

Out since September, found out that I’m still employed, but no longer a fraud specialist. Question now, what else will go wrong…

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Sorry to hear, but I’m glad you are still having a job. Do you know why they changed your function? Maybe talk about it at work?

Try not to demotivate yourself. If something goes the wrong direction, it doesn’t mean everything goes that way.
Sometimes a change in life is a start for a lot of good to come!
(Hope you understand what I’m trying to say, English is not my native language. I wish I could talk to you in Dutch :roll_eyes: ).
I hope all will turns out well :heart:


Noo nothing else will go wrong!!! :heart: lol even though Murphys Law usually applies and even though when it rains it pours its not necessarily true for you. Im sending you lots of positive energy and let’s all hope that things start going exactly the way you want and need them to x

Many people would kill for a job and you still have one. Talk with your management about the change. Maybe it’s good to take a step back in your career and focus on doing it differently. Or, change it completely if this was a demotion. If it was just organization change, it probably had nothing to do with you personally.

Life has it’s share of wrongs and rights. It’s up to you to decide if the wrongs are bad, or just new opportunities. A positive mindset can get a person through a lot.

Things WILL go wrong, if you classify them as wrong. You have to power to call them just things that happened, learn something from them, and keep moving on forward.