Just my thoughts.. day 1

I tried today to take on my first day without alcohol. I made it 18 hrs before I caved and started drinking. No matter how many times I told myself “I could do this” that other voice in my head won, and the excruciating anxiety was nearly crippling. My hands were shaking, heart racing, I was afraid to leave my house. I feel like I let myself down and I don’t want alcohol to control me anymore, but the fact I can’t even make it one day is making me feel even worse. I have never tried to do this before. Been drinking since I was 12 and now am 38. I’m tired of the blackouts, loss of money, suffering relationships, and I know I need to make a change. Does this get easier? Can I do this alone?



I cant speak about alcohol, but I never saw myself being able to quit opiates when I first started to clean up. The physical part was brutal, followed by the mental part. It isn’t easy, but anyone can get sober if their mind is set on it. There is a lot of people who know about alcohol here and would know if you would need medical help with the withdrawal. Welcome to the group

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Thank you. I currently have a therapist and a psychiatrist who are both aware of what I’m going through. I’m on antidepressants and have klonopin for the anxiety. I’m scared to maybe admit I might need Something more.

Hearing your responses is a start :heart:

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I am at a very early stage in my recovery after many relapses, so I can’t offer too much advice unfortunately. However, I finally found this resource and I think it will be helpful… I’ve already met lots of lovely folks. There are so many people on here that can help you hold yourself accountable. :slight_smile: We are here for you!

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First of all, get rid of any alcohol you have in your home and don’t allow others to bring any into your safe place. Next, tell that other voice to f**k off out loud.
Urges can be pretty intense in the early days so you have to fight through them with everything you got. They’re certainly not going to kill you but the poison (alcohol) can. There’s a saying I love…move a muscle, change a thought. I went for a lot of walks.


Cant do it alone, there is help out here dont be afraid to ask. Your not alone in this struggle of alcoholism.

It doesnt hurt to get to the hospital and go to the ER if you think the DTs are pretty bad, some kind of inpatient de-tox? Only you can decide how bad of shape you are and what steps your willing to take to address the problems.

DTs from alcohol can be fatal if the shakes get so bad the body can go into seizures, get medical attention. If you can handle the sweats and the shakes and the sleepless nights for 3 or 4 days start with trying keep yourself hydrated, pedialyte works great to replace electrolytes. Chicken broth and tomato juice might be easy to hold down until you can get your appetite back. Avoid alcohol at all costs

Some of us go kicking & screaming to rehab, others go on their own because they are just simply sick & tired. Asking for help is never wrong. If rehab costs, who cares. It’s worth the time & dime to get you better. My thoughts and best wishes to you battling our disease. Hugs from this alcoholic