Just quit my job aka the only thing I've ever truly cared about

I’m a daycare teacher. been one for about 6 months. love it I think it saved my life honestly. I was so done and didn’t want to live.

lately they’ve been treating me like shit. I will list the main things

  1. told me that parents had reported me saying “your kid is bad” and “DHS could be called” which I’ve definitely never said anything near that

  2. stopped having me be a teacher (while expecting me to do lesson plans off the clock)and had me float around doing lunch breaks and last week when I asked if I was still a lead teacher they said yes

  3. today I walk in to work and all seems normal. I notice my name is not on my classrooms roster. only then do they admit I’m no longer a lead

  4. they asked me to shadow someone I’ve directly reported to them for physically harming kids

after today I decided I was done with this. there’s another daycare nearby hiring. I’m giving it a week to calm down and then applying.

really wanting to self harm.


Hi Megan I’m sorry to hear this is happening :people_hugging:
I think your right the best thing you can do is to take time to calm down and time to think clearly about what you want moving forward, this way you won’t make fast decisions without thinking them through - I’m good at that and have learnt it really is best to take some time away from the problem then come back to it :people_hugging:


I’m honestly devastated but I don’t know that I had many options. work was causing me so much anxiety. we’ve had a change in management and nothing feels the same there


Change can be difficult, it’s a form of transition and can be confusing, but also gives us room to grow.
Make sure you eat some food, and maybe put on a movie to take your mind off everything to help the anxiety settle and to give yourself a rest from the mental stress this is causing you. :hugs:


thank you :heart:


They will replace u just as easily as ur going to replace them. Karma is alive and well. You keep your happy place. Don’t let the negative break your happiness. Stay focused. On to the new. Change was needed so it had its way of pushing you to it. Keep your dignity and go where ur meant to flourish. :people_hugging: I’d also report any concerns to the licensing bureau.


Sounds like a negative environment. Sounds like walking away was a smart decision. Better things ahead for you.


Sounds like a poor place to work. I know it must feel awful. I hope there are other day cares in your area that are more professional.


How are you doing @SadMemeQueen ? Read through this thread and wanted to ask if you’re ok :people_hugging:

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I’m hanging in there. I’ve barely slept since I’ve quit. I’m trying to apply to a new daycare but I don’t think the application actually properly submitted so I’m going to give it a couple days before I try again. I have to go pick up all of my things from the daycare soon which I was going to be hard


I hope and wish everything works out for you well. One day at a time. Sending you strength :people_hugging:


Good for you! You don’t need this crap. I think you’re doing the right thing by giving yourself some time to regroup before you jump right back into the job market right away. Hopefully soon you’ll find something else that you like and they will treat you better.


i hope so. luckily I live with my parents still so it’s not an immediate need to find a new job