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I been clean almost 5 months which I’m so excited cause it’s not easy but When do I consider myself as not an addict ? Will I always be considered as an addict? Well I always have struggles with my addiction? What are the odds of a relapse with crack?


We can decrease the odds of relapse by working on our recovery each day. I cannot speak on if you will always be an addict but I know that I’ll always have an addictive brain. Congratulations on 5 months :clap: :raised_hands: :partying_face:


Personally for myself i will always remember that i am an addict an alcoholic, even though i have been through a length of being sober and clean, i still have the thinking that goes on with a chemical dependancy. I kicked a hard drug addiction over 14 years ago it seems so easy dealing with that now but was a real struggle, then meth i stopped over 5 and a half years now. Last to go was the cocaine 2 years clean now and the alcohol which was the toughest for me going on 20months sober today. Its not the rest of my life i dwell on, dealing with recovering from all my years of substance abuse, its just today i try worry about, tommorrow is not promised so if i stay clean and sober a day at a time its seems less of a stressful way to make it through. Good job on the 5mo. clean time keep up the good work.:+1:


There’s a lot of different words people use but I would say actions speak louder than words, so if you’re working your recovery (maintaining it with sober contacts, keeping your sober knowledge and sober toolkit growing), then it doesn’t really matter what you call yourself.

But an addict’s behaviour is pretty clear: always thinking about that next hit, always planning around that.

We’re in recovery. We live a life of healthy recovery. And that’s a good thing :innocent: