❄️❄️❄️ keep going back

I’m having so much trouble leaving cocaine along for good. I’ll have a couple good weeks then next thing I know I’m right back at it for an all nighter.

It’s killing me mentally and I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s been years of use, and years of trying to quit. I stopped for a solid 2 years, then had a traumatic experience and have been back at it for the past year or so…

What do I do? How do I stop this vicious cycle


what kind of help have you received for your cocaine use?


For that one, in the beginning, you have to separate yourself from those people and those places. No doubt about it.

Only once you get away for it from a long time, the thought of it will disgust you. But you came to the right place. We are all in this together, you can do it!


Update; called PRS (Peer Recovery Service). It’s a hotline of clean addicts that check up with you weekly and help through the process. I’ve used it in the past about a year ago when I was first getting clean and it helped a lot.

I’ve scheduled weekly calls with the PRS service, and they helped me find local and online CA meetings to attend. Starting thode next week

I’m working on cleaning that up. Gotta distance myself my triggers, like alcohol and specific people.

Thanks for the support y’all. It means a lot. I appreciate it. @mx_elle @Bobbyw


This is amazing news!

That’s a great step to being proactive in your recovery

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I can relate as this is what I’m going through. Best thing to do is first. Delete the numbers and block. Keep yourself away from them ppl and try not to socialising as much like pubs ect ur triggers. Do things u like to do even if u don’t feel like it that day. Come on here everyday u can do it. Ur already doing good as u have acknowledged ur problem and want to change. Always here if u need a chat. It is very hard but we can do it


It seems like we’re in the same boat. It’s like no matter what I do to rid iilt from my life, somehow this overwhelming urging overcomes me and I can’t stop myself from picking up and doing it. Then I can’t sleep and have immense guilt and feel like absolute trash the entire next day or two.

I’ve deleted the numbers and distanced my self from people. Although I work in a bar and it’s hard to not be in the environment. I can never get past like a week or two without the cravings taking over my mind. Idk what to do anymore

Keep trying. Healing is a process. If you don’t try and quit it will only get worse. Atleast u no and want to better your so I pray we both come out of this. My inbox is always open

I feel exactly the same. It’s reallllly doing my head in. Like soon as it’s coming up to a week. Or The day before 1 week notification it’s like il do the damage before the 1 week mark lol it’s not funny at all but it’s like we no not go do it but just the control takes over like my brain won’t listen or take control :pensive: