Keep going until im proud!

I quit cold turkey on the 17th but i did it in a hospital setting im 28 and have been drinking heavy for the past 5 years and 2 months and weed since i was 16. I started drinking when i was 13 tried cocaine for the first time at 15 had daddy issues so in return i got depression and didnt feel worthy and turned to drinking after i got divorced but in the hospital i only needed 2 doses of the medicine for withdrawl get bad sweats and shakes and i went into seizures begore ttying to stop on my own but now i feel wonderful im sober off everything including nicotine.


Quitting is never easy, dependency becomes too easy. It’s great that you are here and starting your journey to healthier and happier life. Stay strong and consistent! It’s important I think to stay busy as well. Start a new hobby even little different things every day. One day I bought acrylic paint and canvas, it never has to be perfect but just something fun. Puzzles even! I know it can sound silly but the little things make a big difference. Relax and have fun with what you have. Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:


Congratulations with your first steps in a sober life. Welcome here!


Thank you feels great to be here!

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Keep up the good work it does get better if u want and let it