Keep on pushing

Hey everyone , I hope you guys find yourself in a good place , I know we are living some very crazy times right now and it could seem very easy to pick up at times but just keep on pushing remembering that it’s better to stay sober and sane then to fall into the same pattern of insanity regardless of what happening out in the world. After 9 months of being sober I can truly say two things

  1. It is NOT Easy
  2. But it’s soooo worth it.

My way of thinking has completely shifted ,and I’ll give you an example of what I mean. I’ll try to keep it short. Yesterday I was leaving a freinds house and in the process of backing out of her driveway I accidentally scratched and dented the front bumper of my car . Now it’s not really that bad or noticeable but I just bought it and I’m very happy and proud and crazy about this car and proceeded to get upset and throw I minor tantrum. While doing this I stopped and Thought ’ Wow, here you are with a WHOLE CAR that’s works great especially compared to your previous car and your bitching about a dent and a scratch that is an easy fix. I laughed a little and gave thanks to my higher power. In the past I would have used that as an excuse to drink and now I’m able to stop , breathe , think and count my blessings. I know that some of you guys are probably going through situations 1000 times worse then what I may be going through but the same way of thinking can definitely help you as well. Sometimes we tend to focus on the negatives,like tunnel vision and completely miss all the blessings and good in our life. So I say to you ,take the time to see the good in your life even in the worst of times. Your bad day can be someones good day…we are all blessed in our own way…thank you for reading and I hope this helps some of you guys …PEACE LOVE AND STRENGTH. :v::heart::muscle:


Thank you so much for that, those are very inspiring words

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That’s awesome @Johasy_Toribio thank you for sharing!!!:sunglasses::metal:t2:

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