Keeping your cool

Does anyone pop off an loss it for no reason,I find my self being a ass to people I work with and my wife.


In the past i have had situations when i was not able to keep my cool.
Things in my lofe wasn’t going well an the people that was regularly around me pressed all the right buttons for me to go off.
I didnt lnow how to channel my emotions.
I was sober on an off an nothing seemed to go right.
People was using an lying on me.
Over time i relized that staying out the way of those who caused me so much distress would eliminate thier abilty to press my buttons.
When i started to travel again not blowing my top was easier.
Strangers dont know that they me causing a problem an by trying to understand the situation an knowing that everyone is different,an may not do things as we prefer.
Life will be more peaceful.

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I remind myself that the 1st thought that I have does NOT have to come out of my mouth. Sometimes it’s the 5th that needs to be said.


That works well.other times no matter wat u says seems to offend the other person til i getvtonthe point not to speak at all