Landed the job and i want to celebrate


After 7 years of being a stay at home mom i finally landed a really good job! Im so excited to get back out in the working world that doesn’t consist of toddlers and kids running around everywhere making a mess! And do you know what i feel like doing to celebrate this blessing? I feel like drinking. Am i going to? Absolutely not. Do i want to? Absolutely. Im just being brutally honest. It really disappointed me that my mind went straight to drinking after i got such great news. It makes me mad that i cant be what society sees as “normal” and be able to go out for a drink to celebrate and not feel guilty about it or go overboard. The next day i feel horrible so i dont know why i want to. I dont want to do it but my mind is playing with me right now making me think i do so i just needed to vent and tell someone.


After 7 years you finally landed a good job. That is amazing. Alcohol and it’s after effects, not so much. Don’t let it steal this joyous moment from you. Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congrats on the job. And don’t worry, those thoughts do go away. I got a job today as well and my first thought was. I can’t wait to take the drug test bc I will actually pass!


B3autyqu3een congratulations on the new job, you can celebrate with cake, treat yourself to some flowers, a box of chocs, a manicure, facial or massage all of which will make you feel good without the disappointed feeling you will get from alcohol, we all know where that path leads. Urban old learned habit that just needs to be broken. Good luck :grinning:


Congratulations! I think its the fact you know you won’t drink is the awesome part…and best of luck in the new job!


Same with me. Any time something worth celebration happens in my life, I automatically think about getting drunk. As someone else said, find other ways to treat yourself. A nice massage, expensive meal, a bucket of ice cream. Cannot go wrong with ice cream :grinning:


Well done!!! We’re proud of you and I’m sure your family are too.

It’s good that you recognise the feeling and are courageous enough to fight it.



Congratulations on the new job. Way to get up and move forward! The desire to drink is just a vestige of old you who hasn’t quite got the message that she’s not welcome anymore. Just keep ignoring her, and soon she’ll take her ball and go someplace else.


@Sherr56 I like the cake idea! I think I’m going to celebrate everyday with cake!


Congratulations :confetti_ball: on your new job, don’t give in to your demon thoughts, you can do this. Think of how you would feel in the morning xxx :muscle: xx


Congratulations on your new job!! Celebrate with buying new clothes for work and get your nails done :wink: