Late work day…cravings are creeping in. HELP

So I’m still stuck at work I’m on 10 hrs no lunch or breaks. The kids have been picked up so now I don’t have to worry about that. The thought of going to the bar for “2 shots” creeped in. Give me the strength… what would anyone do in this case? My cons list isn’t helping.


Eat something.

Key rule in recovery:



These four things are behind like 95% of relapses.

If you’re hungry, eat something. Sometimes people say “oh I can’t take time to eat something I gotta take care of all these other people first” but that’s bullshit, for two reasons: you are a people and you are the key person looking out for you (you deserve recognition as much as anyone else), and if you don’t look out for you, you’re gonna be in trouble, and the more you don’t look out for you, the more likely you’ll relapse.

Eat something, even if it’s chips or chocolate. You need some energy :innocent:


Think about why you quit and the consequences of drinking.

Stay busy.
Go for a walk.

It’s hard in the beginning, but it gets easier. You can do it.

Find the strength.


Think of how you will feel tomorrow morning:
A) you drink: it will be more than one. You will feel sick, hungover, disappointed in your self. Embarrassed, ashamed, tired, bloated, unattractive, sad, disheveled, drained. You would sleep poorly, probably stomach issues. You will still have to get up to work for hrs on end, and take care of kids and house, but you would have no energy, and be totally demoralized.

B) you do NOT drink: you will wake up feeling SO empowered, strong, happy with yourself, satisfied, cheerful, probably rested and with that fabulous feeling that you can accomplish anything. ANYTHING. You wake up feeling like a darned super hero. A winner. Light, happy, proud of yourself.

Which one sounds better to you?


@Gala Thank you sooo much! I’m currently crying in the stairs because not long ago I was just so happy of not having any cravings for days. You’re soooo right thanks for that reminder.,

@Matt ate a granola bar. Chugged some water and washed my face! Waited a couple minutes until I felt the strength to be able to drive by without stopping. Getting in my car now.

@GOKU2019 took the stairs all the way down from 7th floor. Cried but feel a bit better.


I do trail mix in similar circumstances ….


I guess a snack drawer is needed at work.


I have a stash of almonds cashews and thin pretzels too. Plus some cereal … ok … I might have a snack addiction problem too…

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In the safe zone! Passed my two favorite regular bars. I got this. Thank you everybody. Very proud of myself for reaching out and posting. Virtual hugs!!!:heart:



Call ur sponsor think how that pain was ur a gift n the disease in all types of ways but u have the recovery community n god …u are in my prayers

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I spend most of my day in my car and I have nuts and fruit for exactly that reason :innocent:

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Didn’t even know that was a thing! But love it!


DON’T DO IT!! Be strong and think of the many regrets you will have in the morning!


Thank you!! I didn’t… thanks to all my support. This is my first time reaching out during a craving never thought it would of been as helpful as it was.


How are you doing today, Ms Torres?

Yes, we hope not to have cravings.

Very loosely following the Allen Carr book, I “morph” the craving into a little green monster who is doing its best to trick me, be it by simple cravings or more sophisticated mindbuggery (nobody will know; just a non alcoholic beer; you deserve it; you can mange).
It whispers in my ear when I’m distracted, when my focus is elsewhere.

It tries, the ugly monster.
Oh how it tries!

Not today, lil f*ker, not today.


Haha that’s pretty dope!
So far it’s okay. Woke up to work out but my headache began now I’m just dealing with it. Have to remind myself that once I’m clean these headaches will be gone. I always suffered with headache ex never could find the cause …because I would obviously lie about my alcohol consumption. I sobered up once for 6 months and they were gone. But yet here I am in a much worse condition than I have been.

That little fucker truly wants to take over me. I just need to continue building strength


So awesome! I had tons of support as well. When everyone saw I was dead serious! They stopped asking me! I actually think some of them were jealous. All of them only had a drink or two and no one got shit faced or out of control!! I was the new role model!!?! :laughing::laughing::muscle::v:t5:


It happens!! My friend has been sending me motivational videos lately. And wants to make plans that don’t involve drinking. Seems like she also wants to cut down.


I have to make little things each day to look forward too, a hot bath, a nice meal, even just quite time readinfmg or waching my favourite programmes or swimming.
For me jus having a little plan for myself really helps on those days where i feel a bit lost or strong urges.
Have you tried meetings at all?
There are some online where you can just listen to others tell there experiences and for me i find this so powerfull to keep me in the reality of what having that one drink leads to.
Your doing so well, and every craving you get through your training your brain to become stronger and the cravings get easier.
:hugs: Im proud of you for reaching out for support instead of reaching for a drink- that is a strength all in itself :+1:

Do whatever it takes. I will be completely honest and tell you that I had a few thoughts in my head about I can just have a shot or two or have a margarita and then that little angel on my shoulder said stop it asshole Don’t even think about it! Didn’t know Angel’s talk like that? :flushed::grin: But I feel so great right now and so happy in spirit and so motivated just to have a great time with my family. Normally when I wake up at this time of year I have a burning pain in my chest from heartburn and a ridiculous hangover headache that would last all day. Today is a different day!! :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face: