Lazyness and to much alcohol

Hi everyone im on my 3rd day sober im not going to lie yesterday i was very tempted to pick up the bottle but i obscured from it thankfully. Now ive split from my girlfriend/missus of 5 years due to me drinking to much and becoming very lazy and unmotivated with anything in general. Now its not the first time we’ve been here ive tried before and she has told me this. I guess im saying i know this is my only option and motivation to get sober. Thanks for reading guys and gals


Congrats on reaching day three Morgan. It’s one day at a time for all of us and that’s all that we can do. Please know you do this for yourself. This is your life. Only you can make something of it. And you are now, by being sober. Keep going. We’re in this together.


Hi Maybe try ameeting might help


I did go to the hub today going to go to a meeting soon ee how that goes for me thanks for the support and advice guys… even coming on here seems to help seeing all the other poeple in the same boat and there ways of dealing :+1::smiling_face:


Your recovery has got to start with yourself Morgan, rather than trying to stay sober for your girlfriend. If you get sober for yourself, in theory, things should fall back into place with your girlfriend. If she can forgive you and trust you again that is.

You call yourself lazy, but this is alcohol linked as well. Alcohol kills your motivation to do anything. Your body is too busy battling this poison you are putting into your body to do very much else. You feel tired, beaten and weary from the constant attacks to your body from alcohol. Doing anything meaningful can be an uphill struggle.

You need to recover for yourself first, you need to want a better life, to be a better man. You have to grow to love sobriety more, and waking up with a clear head more than drinking alcohol.

If you think about it for a little while, try to think of the things that you would have done over the years only for alcohol stood in your way. Alcohol is sneaky, it pretends to be our friend. In reality, it’s everything that has ever gone wrong in your life. However, you can change this. You can turn your life around by stopping the control over you it has had. Keep yourself busy, and out of its clutches Morgan.

I wish you well, and hope your girlfriend gives you another chance. Start with yourself first, then she will see you’re serious about this, and committed. Good luck :heart:


Sorry for the late relpy binx i totally agree i know in my heart my own head i need to stop for me first and foremost then I’ll be more active in genral life for my kids and anyone round me. im still really chocked up withis bloody cold but at the same time im still drink free on my 6th day :blush:


Good to hear about day 6 :sunflower:
Stay sober, the cold will pass. Be kind to yourself.

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Throughout my whole start on this, if I would had just went to AA meetings… the pain, anguish and suffering would had been averted. Many say alcohol is just a symptom of our disease, and many parts of that are absolutely true! In my personal view, I don’t care how you get to a meeting just get to one, and keep going back. It doesn’t matter; if it’s for court, girlfriend, wife or your just tired of being hopelessness and mentally destroyed. Just don’t leave before the miracle starts to happen.

I hear many cases, where people say I don’t like the religions components… don’t be closed minded. It’s not a religious program, it’s a spiritual program. You just need to create or find your higher power, whatever that happens to be.

There’s three me’s; physical, mental and spiritual. All of those have to be in a balance. When I started this journey in the rooms; I didn’t realize how spiritual deprived I was.

Happy destinies ahead!



Morgan, glad you are here. The more active you are here and in your recovery, the better you will become.