Learning to have Self Control

Everyday we as individuals go through situations that we may not have complete control over. Maybe using public transportation and a situation happens that causes you to be late. Walking into the store for one certain item and they Just ran out! Which just turns into you having a shitty day, IF you let it. As a recovering alcoholic, I can admit there were so many time where I lost my temper. Being sober it definitely is easier to control my anger. I say easier, because I’m human I still get angry from time to time. Not drinking takes a lot of self control. I guess it just depends were you are in your recovery, and what motivated you to quit. Being summer time, I thought are, damn it would be nice to have an ice cold drink. But then I think to myself, it ain’t going to cool me down. It raises your core temp after awhile. I remember not wanting to walk past a beer aisle because of temptation. Now I can park in front of a liquor store and not give a crap because I ain’t drinkin!! Being in more control of myself, feels amazing. I still go through a hundred different emotions like we all do, it’s just not as bad :joy::joy:.


This is a great, positive post! I’ve been clean/sober for 7 days and I’m finding that my emotions are alllll over the place, especially when it comes to anger. Super motivating to see that you got it under control! Gonna keep this post in mind all day :slight_smile:


Day 7 that’s awesome! I started working out about day 15. That will also help with emotions! Even if you just go for a walk.


Ahhh that’s a great idea! I used to be huge on yoga, maybe I’ll start integrating that into the routine. Thanks for the advice!

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Yes, I think you definitely should!!

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