Librium and at home detox

Hi all. This is my first post so hope I’m doing it correctly.
I was admitted to the ER for withdrawls and sent home with librium and an at home detox plan. Yesterday was my first day and it was rough. I woke up today after a long sleep feeling great for the first time in years. No shaking, or vomitimg But as the day progressed I started to get nervous energy. Cleaning the house, doind dishes, organizing. then I felt exhausted. Then angry. Then very emotional and even wanted a drink at one point though I didn’t have one tho.
I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but is this just how it goes? Does anyone have experience with at home librium detox?


I do, as a prescriber of it on many occasions. Yep, I’m a alcoholic so I’ve been on a taper myself too.

Everyone is different, the librium keeps us from having seizures only. The trick is eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water and staying busy.

Boredom and isolation are a recipe for bad decisions.

You don’t need or have to drink anymore. Hugs


Your body is resetting and it will take some time. Take this chance to learn the skills you need to stay sober. Do you have a meeting you attend? That’s helpful - not just for learning about what being sober is about, but also for having somewhere helpful to hang out (instead of being stuck at home with your thoughts :innocent:).

The Librium should be a huge help from the shakes and a few other issues … hopefully they gave You a four or five day taper schedule. As I saw someone else mentioned it would be good to still be talking with a doctor or nurse for professional advice or questions…Or somebody that you can call if things get to uncomfortable … But this is definitely one of the top medication for alcohol withdrawal. Try to get nutrients back in you but don’t stress because your body is trying to repair … The first couple days I struggled with appetite so I had smoothies or whey protein… Stick with the taper schedule and keep reaching out you should be fine.

Also this might help …

B complex - nervous system

Magnesium - anxiety

Honey and candy, soda - anxious or shakes , cravings

Thanks! I have my first SMART recovery zoom meeting this afternoon. Hope it goes well, I’m I’m bit nervous. :grimacing:

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Thanks for the advice. My appetite actually returned with a vengeance today. I never really ate while I was drinking, so its been a while since I actually wanted food this badly. Going in to see the doc tomorrow to access everything.

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Thanks. Not sure if pizza is very healthy. But atleast me appetite is back after months.

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If your appetite is coming back that is a great sign. Just keep at it one day at a time. Keep things basic right now and you’ll be good

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Yes. Going to the doctor in the morning to check in on things.