Librium and effects

So… I made a step. I have a difficult time with group meetings and the few here are around me. Especially with COVID.

Her it is.

I worry about withdrawal and the effects. My anxiety, mood, shakes, etc. While stopping my drinking.

I have talked to my wife, my Dr, some of my family, and I am ready to do this.

My question is. When are the worst days for withdrawal? Do I plan? (I like planning) for the worst. Or is that simply an excuse?

I have Librium to help. Does it?

Does this community have people to talk to at a whim?

I have attempted without help multiple times and always fall back.

Any insight is great.


Librium is to cover you through the worrisome period of stopping drinking so no DTs or breakthrough seizures. It’s a good med for exactly that.
Once the med taper is done we are left with us, our want to be & do better and be healthier. But, we don’t have to go it alone.
Meetings don’t have to be scary, potential sources of infection or anything other than like minded people working a program of recovery.
There’s online 24/7 AA. There’s a ton of folks on here all the time. Responses vary…
My best wishes to you and so glad you’re here!


I am really looking towards having the community. I know it is important. And it may be my crutch in difficult times.

I want to move forward.

See life in sober brain.

I can see how readily everyone wants to help. I like that. And want to be involved more.


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I usd to drink every day. At some point I just got so tired of its effects that I drew a line in the sand. I will not drink no matter if happy, sad, wedding, funeral, super bowl etc.

It was hard at first. I substituted energy drinks when I have cravings for the first few months. I read lots on here everyday when I couldnt think of anything else to do.

After the first few months the improvements in my life gave me the courage and strength to continue.

I want and know you can find the same improvements for your life. Faith that you can create a better life, determination to stay the course no matter what, and a community of people to help share the load will see you through.


Id say the worse days are when your alone or isolated and your old thoughts creep into try sabotage the route your trying to take. Something comes up to celebrate or to mourn a loss are speed bumps i slow down to see what the right move is for me. I found i did it alot made excuses and need to be truly honest with myself and understand that i cant just have a little, 1 leads to another then im back in the gutter. Enough hospitals and jail cells have convinced me that my using will be the death of me if i continue. Greatful to be alive and sober today, sobriety is the best bet i have, you wont regret being here with us on our road to recovery. Wish you the very best take it easy, see you around, God bless!:pray:


My case might not be anything like your case. I was drinking 20ish ounces of vodka every day. I tried detoxing on my own and ended up in the hospital. That first day I was shaking pretty bad and was terribly dehydrated. My blood pressure and pulse rate were high and irregular. My pre ventricular contractions were much worse than normal. I was given a variety of drugs while detoxing. Unfortunately I don’t know what they all were so I can’t comment about librium. Among regular I.V. saline fluids I was given I.V. thiamine. When alcoholics go too long with low thiamine it can cause permanent brain damage. (Wet brain) I was given valium to control seizures. I went through the “pink cloud” phase in the hospital. Once I got home I got brain fog. It lasted for several days but the worst was 2 or 3 days long. It was an odd sensation. I literally forgot what I was doing while I was doing it. I just took it easy, did simple things and didn’t make any important decisions during that phase. I also had a very short temper for a few days. When I left the hospital they gave me a 30 day supply of oral thiamine. Detox can be deadly if done wrong. Definitely follow what your doctor says. I’d take a B complex vitamin and be sure to stay well hydrated. I used liquid I.V. powder. Again, listen to your doctor. I’ve been sober for 15 days now and no longer have any withdrawal symptoms that I can tell.

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Maybe try a meeting and be careful of Librium they to can become addictive if not controlled . exercise is good for withdrawls and vitamin B plenty of water and if you have any holidays from work maybe take a few to get you through the first few days and maybe see your Doctor if your worried , and you can make new sober friends at meetings get a good network wish you well


All my progress in sobriety has come from connecting with people. I have attended group meetings, where I learn about what my addiction is and how to live sober - from people who’ve walked the path. I’ve learned about emotion management from meetings and also from my counsellor. You be learned about communication from counselling and I’ve used it with my wife and my friends.

I have never really learned anything new from myself alone. It’s like asking a car to get back on the road, out of a ditch. It needs outside help to get out of the ditch, back, rolling on the road. And it needs regular maintenance to stay rolling.

Keep an open mind and never give up. Never stop searching.