Life after sobriety

Im 81 days clean and feel like I’m still not getting anything accomplished in my life. I try to be a good person and I feel like I’m failing at this and everything else in my life. Is this a normal feeling?


81 days is a massive accomplishment in itself! Your doing great! Welcome to the community, what is it that you wanting to accomplish in your life?

Welcome and congrats on 81 days!
What do you feel like you’re failing at? If you keep doing the next right thing in every aspect of your life, it will get better. Time takes time. Be patient.

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@willieLee is it normal just kinda part of the fight. The 16th i will be 8 months sober and i still have a problem with this. It does get easier i can tell you that. And having someone to talk to can help. To me it seems to be easier to talk to someone thats been thru it or you dont really know to much.


And congrats again on the 81 days

Unfortunatelly stopping to drink or use does not solve any problems by itself. But it gives you the ability to do something about them you would otherwise just push further away. We still need to put in the work.
81 days is really great.
Keep it up.


Congratulations on 81 days.

Keep going, its a journey but i am sure it will be worth it

Congratulations on ur 81 days!! I know that when i first came into recovery, i wanted things to be fixed and improved right away. I wanted to accomplish alot and make up for all the time i lost. Things have improved drastically but it has taken some time. Sometimes things came quickly and sometimes slowly, but as long as we stay clean, we have a chance of things materializing for ourselves.

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