Life feels over

I have been sober for 250 days until yesterday where I got drunk and my life feels like it is over. Feeling desperate.


Welcome @Hanlou93 Hannah
Your life is far from over, you’ve relapsed and you can get back on track.

Those 250 days still count for something, but you have a choice now, will you get back on track or continue to spiral down to where life will be over.
If I were you, Id pour any alcohol left away,Id drink plenty of water, have a shower and get reading around the threads on here on how to get back on track.
You’re not doing this alone


Welcome to the group @Hanlou93 :wave:
Falling isn’t a shame … not getting back up is.
We are here to help in whatever capacity you need.
Read, join in and share what you want to share.
We are all in the same boat here.
You will thrive again hun :purple_heart:


It may be that you’re right: your drunk life could today be over, because you’ve just taken a first step in a good direction again. This is Day One, not of deprivation but of abundance. A sober life is abundant in all good things, a life worth living. We are here, rooting for you.


No, your life is not over, it has just begun, at day one, but there’s only one way to go from here and that is up

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Welcome! I (and many others) know how you feel: the guilt, the confusion, the lack of hope. But if you are alive, there is a chance it can be the last time you ever feel like this. It only has to stick once to stick forever. What can you do this time so you quit for good?