Life testing me on day 5

So I was out for my daily run today. I normally run for 20-30 mins, but today something told me to just keep going, just keep running. So I ran probably an extra 4-5km. I was on my way back home, and I turned on this street that has a bunch of shops on it. Now when I go for my runs, I usually do most and the best of my thinking. So I was running through my thoughts and emotions on my past relationship with someone I was trying to be friends with after we broke up. A week ago I decided I couldn’t be friends with him right now. Especially when I needed to relearn how to love myself and become sober. I wasn’t able to do that because I put so much self worth in how he felt about me. So as I have just run through this thought, I pass this hair salon… and who is getting their hair cut at this EXACT moment i am running by… my EX. I was happy to see him through the window. Normally this sighting would have sent me to the liquor store. But instead I took this as life telling me that I was on the right path forward, and to continue with my sobriety. Things are going to get better. This isn’t the end, and I am stronger than I was even a few weeks ago.

This exact same situation happened to me in the beginning of the year before him and I started talking again, and the sight if him sent me straight to the liquor store. So to anyone struggling with emotions… just know, you can do this! You are stronger than the urge to drink.



You will get more stronger day by day you just need to stay sober and we all here to help and support you. Keep it up :raised_hands: