Life Through a Sober Lens


Sunset behind my hotel

Sunrise from my room

Walking a trail behind the hotel



Today’s adventures!









My first ripe Strawberry of the season!


Oooooooh - these are breathtaking!


Hazy day on the Chesapeake Bay


Raby bay,Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve and Tallebudgera creek


What are Kangaroos really like? What do Aussies think of them?


Well the baby 1’s are cute lol and you don’t wanna mess with the big 1s cause they’ll beat the piss out of you! Other than that they’re kind of a pest especially in the country, over running farmers crops and lands. Also anytime you’re driving at night,anywhere, you run the risk of 1 jumping in front of your car and they can cause some serious front end damage!!


Sounds exactly like the white tailed deer we get here. A bug buck took my drivers side mirror off last fall.


Capture from this morning’s urban hike.


Deers are pretty big aren’t they? Do they run rampart, wherever, the same as roos?


The bucks get massive. Their antlers can cause a lot of damage as well. A big one could kill a person. They go where they please when it’s not hunting season. Always looking out for them on foggy nights on windy mountain roads. They dont even try to move across the road quickly.