Life Through a Sober Lens


Wisconsin weather from my window!




Where is this at? Looks like where I grew up in Big Bear haha


Windy Hill lookout in South Reno, Nevada


AHHHHH! Now I miss having and SLR and DSLR! I learned to take pics on my dad’s old Nikon 35mm when I was very young and used it till I moved when I was 18. Then I got a Canon Rebel 35mm when I got to Pittsburgh. Got myself a job as a photo tech and took full advantage of it. Once I pay off some credit cards I’ll have to get me a nice DSLR. The one I have leaks light around the lense, and not in a cool, abstract looking way. Poo! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great guess…Sky Forest…Heaps Peak Arboretum on the way to Big :bear:




Took this picture last summer at Lake Tahoe, one of my favorite places :blush:


Feb 2018 I took this just before I stopped drinking. Its at. Devon .



Cool thread, I love all the pictures, Im a bit of a very amateur photographer, but snap what I think looks good x


Loving life. Another Sunday unwasted :kissing_closed_eyes:


My sunset everyday when it’s not too cloudy. Love it so much.


Happy Easter everyone from Redwoods, CA.


Gaustatoppen,i went up that Mountain last year . Hope u don’t mind i wanted to share this with you folks


March snow in Syracuse


Snapping turtles… Doing the nasty turtle


Amsterdam NY