Lip Service v Doing the Work

One of my biggest issues is thinking Im all good. I have to accept that I cant make excuses, believe all is well bc of a few good days, skip my exercise classes or meetings. This is it. I get better and heal by taking action and stripping away all the bs until its just me. I am powerless and I need a spiritual presence to help me. I have to put in the effort. Just reminding myself of how I can go backwards.


Way to go! What a great example of not letting your EGO tell you any different. I am also powerless over alcohol:)


Thanks. Its me and hopefully something bigger than me that will guide me into peace inside me. I am definitely at war w myself. Drinking removes that but it always comes back.

Thanks Gabe. I appreciate any encouragement. Very much.

I am powerless too when it comes to alcohol, it led me to things I would never consider sober and has led me to places I can’t even remember what happened.

Once it enters my system, I don’t know what it could lead to, maybe not straight away, but at some point down the line something bad is likely to happen. I am empowered with that knowledge now to build a better life.

Good work @Ready keep it up.


Thanks. I feel the same way. Class at 645 tnite and meeting tmorrow at 8am. I have to make the effort. Just show up. Ive already made 2 sober connections thru AA but its pointless and arrogant and fearful if I dont follow up or reach out to them. I appreciate reading your posts.

Stay strong :muscle:


Just keep coming back, going back.

No matter what.

Fake it till you make it!!

It starts with only a willingness to be willing.

The promises are waiting for you.
Sometimes faster sometimes slower.


I know you are right. Gotta showup, build the foundation. Thank you very much.

I’m also working on stripping away the BS. I’ve spent so long pretending I didn’t have a problem and justifying my actions to myself, it’s really painful but I think it will be worth it in the end. But right now it’s excruciating.


Im with you and I hear you. Real growth is hard but its worth it. Stay strong and active! Stay proative too.

I feel the willingness in you!

When it hits you, it hits deep, and it’s glorious!

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