Little throwback 🦙

These pictures are FOUR years apart and man is it amazing to see what 4 years looks like. I can tell you what it feels like but to have pictures that go along with that feeling is amazing.

I can tell you it feels exactly how it looks. :rofl::woman_facepalming:

4 years ago I was heavily drinking daily. Waking up and drinking and not stopping until I was passing out. During the week I would do it with a friend at her home or sit outside somewhere. Then came the weekend and I would be at the bar until last call and continue to drink after the bar closed at a house party because who goes home and sleeps after the bar🤷‍♀️

I couldn’t tell you what else was going on at that time because my drinking was so bad I honestly don’t remember much.

These days my life is so different. When I look at pictures like that and get flashbacks I feel so sad that I was that person. I did so many things to fuck up my life. I can’t believe I turned into that girl. The girl I swore I would never become because I saw how alcohol effected people’s lives, but there I was. Living the life of a functioning alcoholic.

I am so happy I am not that person anymore. Today I am this happy vibrant woman who is no longer controlled by her anger and emotions. I used to be so miserable all the time. Not anymore. I have done a complete turnaround. You can see it in my face🥰

Please remember you can be a happy person if you choose to. Living with addiction isn’t the easiest thing and getting sober isn’t always easy either but in the end when you see those numbers add up it is so worth it.

And as always you are welcome to reach out to your local sober happy llama :llama:


You look totally amazing x

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Thank you.
I feel amazing honestly :purple_heart:

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