Liver pain after drinking no insurance PLZ HELP

Hi all, I’ll cut to the chase. 21 yrs old. I’ve been drinking 5-10 shots a day for the last 2-3 years. The other night I had 7 shots & a beer and it made the lower right inside of my stomach sore. It’s a strange feeling I can’t describe, like a cramp that hasn’t gone away. It’s sore I guess I just started feeling this recently the last few times I drank. But it scared the hell outta me so I immediately quit, currently 46 hours clean.
I have terrible anxiety so I’m worried I might’ve done some bad damage. I thought it was maybe fatty liver but again, the pain is coming from the lower right side so idk if it’s my liver gail bladder intestines inflammation or something else idk.
It’s not a sharp pain, dull, sore but a little bothersome. 4/10 pain scale. There were complications with my medical insurance so I’m currently uninsured til next month. I’m going to continue my sobriety but I have severe insomnia & my anxiety isn’t exactly helping so plz share stories experiences advice whatever.


I completely understand what you’re going through because I spent Aug 3rd to the 6th admitted at my hospital for this but way worse. First and foremost, your liver is angry and starting to go through damage so quitting is the only way to get better before it’s too late. The pain you are describing is going to be liver fibroids or inflammation that will repair itself over time as long as you completely stop drinking and stay sober. BUT, when your insurance does kick in you need to see your primary care provider and see where you’re at as you may require some medications to help with the liver healing and I’m sure they’ll also want to do an ultrasound with a Gastroenterologist. Are you bloated at all or feel like you’ve got fluid built up in your abdomen? What does your urine color look like and how often do you urinate? What’s the color of your eyes and skin look like? I was severely jaundice because my Biliruben levels were through the roof so my skin and whites of eyes were yellow orange in color and I looked over 9 months pregnant from over 6 liters of ascites in my abdomen that required a procedure, draining 5.8 liters of sitting fluid in my gut. The ascites is what caused the other portion of my discomfort and also messes with my center of gravity greatly. I was urinating maybe once a day and my urine was the color of hot, black tea. I wasn’t hungry, either. I never ate so I lost nearly 70 pounds within a matter of 4 months or so. Keep in touch with me as I strongly suggest you get into an outpatient treatment program and find an AA group you vibe with. My thoughts are with you and I’ll make sure that God knows you’re in my prayer list.


Yea I think I might be a little bloated. No jaundice or other side effects though. Just the strange sensation in my stomach and some inflammation. My urine is light yellow I’ve been trying to drink more water. I also got back into working out heavy and 20 min sauna daily. I’m really trying my best to work something out with insurance but in the meantime I just need whatever peace of mind I can get. The pain hasn’t gotten worse than 5/10 so far so I’m grateful for at least that. 5 min from now makes 48 hours sober! How much/long did you drink and how long did it take to recover? Congrats btw ur story is inspiring.


Congratulations for stopping drinking! Lots of support here for you to keep you on the right track! I hope that whatever is going on in your abdomen will go away quickly without incident.

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Thank you. Yeah I’m just really anxious idk how I’ll sleep like this I really hate not being able to go to the doctor.

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There is a thread here called ‘the meditation thread’ and the people are listening to Insight Timer on their phones and also recommending other type of relaxation, breathing exercises to help relax.

If you would like me to give you breathing relaxation instruction I will be happy to. Basically breathe in for for five seconds hold it for 4 or 5 seconds and let it out for the same. Do that three or 4 or 5 times regularly. Do it multiple times a day.

One thing you have going in your favor is your age, you’re very young and you really didn’t drink that long, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t caused damage. Who knows?

Certainly, yes, it’s going to cause you anxiety until it either goes away or you find out what is causing it.

If something should get really a lot worse or change in a dramatic or big way than you need to go in and get seen. If you are nauseated or throwing up then you could consider going in.
If your anxiety is too much for you then go in. You are the one who knows how you feel and whether you should really go in or if it’s OK to wait.

I understand about your insurance and I’m sorry that that’s the current state.

My recommendation is that you avoid taking either Tylenol or ibuprofen or aspirin. And then of course you’re not drinking which is great.


I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad, and that your insurance situation is not ideal. There are definitely things you can do until you are seen, and as others have said, the main one is not to drink a single drop. Then, try to get rest, hydration, and any nutritious food you can keep down. Some soup can be a really good option. Also, maybe this is not the time to restart working out intensely? Just a thought, as obviously you know yourself best.

As to the weird stomach symptoms, until a doctor sees you, try to think as positively as possible (but then when you see a doctor, don’t minimize any symptoms or signs). Alcohol is also an irritant to the stomach lining, so it might just be some gastritis or irritation (which may or may not require treatment).

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You’re saying lower right ‘stomach’ pain.
And then you say ‘ lower right side’.
Typically when you hear ‘lower right abdominal pain’ you consider the possibility of the appendix.
Just mentioning this in case you’re not aware … you didn’t mention it.
Hopefully it’s a sore muscle and will get better on its own.
Repeating, if anything changes for the worse please go to ER.


That sounds scary indeed. It is good that you stopped drinking.

We are not medical professionals here. I suggest you seek the advise of a medical professional.


Sassy is right. Please go see someone.

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Please do not take medical advice from people on the internet. And please maybe don’t give such confident medical advice on the internet. Sone of the replies on this thread are terrifying.

For all we know, @Batman 's pain could be trapped wind. Or it could be something serious. We have no way of knowing or deciding what it is or isn’t based on a forum post.


Thank you all for the kind comments. Currently at 58 hours, feeling a bit better. My muscles are def more sore than my stomach lol


Go to the doctors and find out for sure. Request a blood panel and whatever else.