Loneliness, Feeling empty and boredom


These 3 things are majour triggers on me which makes me end up using. How do I fix this?


You can never really ‘fix’ them but there are many things to do to help decrease the feelings. Go to some meetings, find some people you may think would be cool to hang with outside of the meetings on the loneliness side. For feeling empty and boredom, set yourself goals.from really really small ones like make a new friend to be sober for a year to travel abroad to save money to get a new job.as you accomplish goals set yourself new ones and never stop.i do this daily and it helps sooo much.i also read, Netflix binge, exercise, workout, work overtime, play games, draw, paint.theres soooo much to do.its hard to think about all at once but there’s ALOT.i even play ping pong too.were all here to help.dont hesitate to reach out.


I am now 1 year and about 4 months sober and it is beyond amazin.


Meetings make it easier wish you well


Meet new (sober people). Find something fulfilling, like helping people. Do 1 and 2, and you won’t be bored.



Exactly! Whenever someone says they feel “empty” I ask them if they are spirtually unemployed. Get out there and be a blessing to someone. Old vets are very deserving of this sort of blessing. Many are alone, except for their vet buddies.


Audible is awesome at distraction


What genre of books do you like? I have a ton on my library, and if you need recommendations just ask :+1:


As stated previously, try to go to some meetings. Sobriety has gave me a whole new life worth living. I go to aa, thats where i found most of my support. Also look for the similarities with people, not the differences. If you just give meetings a try, all 3 things will be taken care of. The loneliness will be filled with meeting new sober people. The feeling empty, the “void” can be filled by working the steps. You may under stand the “void” a little later on. And boredom, they will take up some of your time… for boredom, you can also do anything to stay busy. Get a new hobby. Or start back up an old one that you lost due to the disease. Theres tons of things to do. Reading, writing, drawing, playing an instrument, shopping, driving around, the beach if you live near it, the gym, baking, cooking, video games, cards, board games, spending time with family, i mean the list goes on and on… but maybe just give it a shot to see what you think…