Long long way

1st sorry for my english
10 yrs ago i started smokin weed errday for 5 yrs. A shittin family in a new hood… The weed brang me happyness.
It almost does 1 year ive stop making pills errday. I did it for 5 yrs.many time i tried to stop.
Since almost 7-8 yrs i drink approx 6 days a week. Not just 1 or 2 beer .
3 weeks ago ive stopped makin cokane the weekend.
With a crazy christmas time, im pissed off the alcohol, that substance doesnt fitt well with my brain. Since 3 days i dont drink very much and this morning i didnt drank a beer.
Its a long way to go it takes long to finally succeed. To make ur brain realise ,to learn some skills cause u just dont have any to face life. just remember how the substance brang so much negative in ur life.
But I still smoke weed some nights, to keep me easy with my past