Long time no see

I haven’t been on here since I was sexually assaulted and I’m doing better but tonight made me want to use again.

I was hanging out with my boyfriends friends and I called his friend “dad” as a joke and he took it serious so he was stern with me, then his friend messed up his car and his friend started freaking out and was helping so I was talking to him cuz sometimes talking makes you feel better… we started driving again and a screw came loose and his car got messed up again and he was upset so we called it a night and went to my boyfriends house. I can tell he’s mad, I was anxious all night because there was a lot of people and I get really anxious around new people or a lot of people.

After all that and tellin he is angry, I just am really down and tired and I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to ruin his night more but I kinda feel like literal trash at the moment. Overall was a good time but me being super anxious then the other stuff happened piled on.

I’m glad you’re back, @Trisket. I hope you’re seeking help for the trauma that you’ve been through. Don’t be a stranger. Keep us posted. Thank you.


Great to hear from you again.

Curious…are you upset that he’s mad or that somehow he’s mad at you? One thing I’ve had to learn (and it’s still a work in progress) is to not worry about what other people think of me. It’s not my responsibility to make people like me. If he was that mad then it’s more about him than it is you. Try to let it go. It’s hard but if you can you’ll feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders.


And please post more again. We like hearing from you. :sparkling_heart:

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