Looking for a bit of guidance

Im not 100% sure how this works yet. Im 3 days sober & I thought it might be good to get some other peoples stories, experiences, advise & helpfulness!


Read back through mine just look at my profile activity, it’s all there, only 11 weeks of sobriety in front of you and the difference is just incredible.

Message me anytime, I’m on here a lot.

And welcome to the community.


Thanks. I will definitely have a look thorough it. Its always good to no your not on your own

I went to AA just to check it out see if i could get help and it worked for me best of luck wish you well

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Thanks. Ive actually just googled my local AA meetings.


They work, go along and see. Try to find people who have worked the program and ask how it helped them.

If you want to know more I can share with you too but go along and see for yourself first.


Welcome! The combination of this forum/app and AA have helped me incredibly! I was a repeat relapser until I finally went to AA and got a sponsor. Having a sponsor to check in with and hold you accountable, as well as guide you through all the emotional craziness that is getting sober is invaluable. I finally realized I could not do this sober thing alone and it helps to meet other people in AA who have similar issues, even if it’s awkward at first! I will be 60 days clean tomorrow! :smile:

I also recommend buying/checking out some good books on sobriety- they don’t even have to do with AA/12 steps. Just reading about addiction made me realize who much of it is in your head and can be overcome through small changes to your thinking. Not to mention how drugs/alcohol mess with your logic/thinking. I recently finished a book called Being Sober by the director of the Betty Ford center and really like it.

If you are active on social media like Instagram/Facebook. Find sober pages/inspirational people to follow. I follow so many inspirational people who have overcome addiction and who post some really funny stuff that keeps my mood up. Here are a few I follow on Instagram : soberevolution, recoverytodaymag, sober.ly, itsbryanalzate.

Keep busy, and discover what you can focus on now that you’re living sober. You’ll find you’ve got a lot of time. I channeled that into fixing my house up, cooking/baking, and spending time out in nature!

Keep it up! :heart: