Lost again.... I got to do this

I am trying to give my bad habit for good!!! And I do give it up… Until the urge kicks in after a week and i start loosing it :fearful::anguished::cold_sweat: I have exams and all that I tell myself only till exams I ll do it so that I can focus on exams!! I very well know that it is absolute shitty reason… I dont know how and what could help me

Hey, if “just till exams” works as a start, go with it. Just try to find an “excuse” to stay clean after that. Most of us don’t have an easy, relapse free ride. BUT… at some point you have to get off the rollercoaster and make it work. Whatever gets you there.

For me, I had to take off work for 5 months. Not necessarily because of the alcohol, but I was addicted to the benzos that got me through every anxiety and OCD filled day too. I was fortunate that I had a ton of money saved and my work let me do this while keeping my job and insurance. Haha, I won’t even go into the debt I’m in now, especially since I just splurged on a new computer. But it’s all part of my “whatever it takes!”

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Haha! Thank you though, guess ur right and i have promised to myself one day i ll turn back and see that i have won over myself and my addiction… One day!!

Yaa ur right!! And i ll have to try something new ad u say

I say this in almost every post, but try staying sober one day at a time. One hour at a time. 5 min at a time. Whatever works for you…
I’d also suggest, quit making excuses and just do it. Quit torturing yourself mentally and physically. More action, less talking.
I’d also suggest to change up your routines. Say you study fucked up at home. Try going to the library sober instead. Say you get fucked up when you wake up. Try getting a cup of coffee and getting on the app.
Reach out for help when the craving hits! You can do this! You have to put as much effort in staying sober as you did to get high.
So I’ve given a few suggestions, of course it’s up to you to do them though. I’m sure others have great suggestions too, so keep reaching out for help! I couldnt do it all on my own so dont hesitate. Because I know for me, when a craving hit and stays, wasnt just a fleeting thought, it would start to drive me crazy. But once I reached out for help, told on my disease, it took power away from it and I felt better… so just give it a try to see if it works. What do you have to lose at this point to try something different, ya know.


Thank you so much for reaching out… I do agree all of us need help to get it of our system. And I will def reach out for help starting from now