Lost feelings

has anyone else just flat out lost all feelings? what do did you do? anything help?

How long have you been sober for? Could just be a matter of time (look up PAWS - post acute withdrawal syndrome. Could give you some answers).

The first week was like this for me. I had no feelings at all, once the guilt and anxiety from day 1 faded off. I felt like I was going to be stuck like this, like I had really fucked my brain up. It was pretty scary and frustrating. After that, I was emotionally volatile for a few weeks. Eventually it balances out. I recommend exercise and eating well…helps expedite the process to get back to equilibrium. Maybe a multivitamin. This is mostly (if not entirely) the result of chemical imbalances in the brain following prolonged substance use/abuse.

If you’re early in recovery, this is not uncommon at all, and is part of why early recovery is exceptionally difficult. Just know that picking up will only prolong the process. Stick it out, be kind and patient with yourself, and you will get through it. Trust me.

All the best

Apologies in advance if I’ve made any undue assumptions, I don’t know your personal story :slight_smile: