Lost.. :( I'm so screwed

Need someone to talk to… :frowning:

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Whats up bro?

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I’m here, what’s on your mind?

What’s on your mind?

Tell us how you are feeling

What’s up mate ?

How are you feeling?

What’s up brother we are here :star:

Here’s what you wrote 11 days ago:

“I feel like I’m not doing enough for my recovery but for some reason im happier than ever. I have the most clean time I’ve ever had and finally live on my own. Everyone keeps telling me imma relapse, but I feel good right now. Work and building bonds are my 2 biggest priorities right now. I have a sponsor just hardly can reach him. He’s having me read the book atm that’s it. I don’t feel on the verge of relapse like people are saying…”

What changed that you feel so “screwed”?


We can’t do much talking if you don’t stick around

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You know what’s nice about getting screwed? When you participate you usually get to orgasm somewhere down the line. :smirk:

Really, it is a program of action. These are times you’re going to have to put your back into it. What does that look like? Going to meetings? Throwing pocket change at your court costs every day? Writing letters to family that you don’t expect to be answered for a long time? Get creative. All you know is that laying there like a dead fish isn’t going to end the great life screwing anytime soon.

Alternatively, you can stop things temporarily if you just feel super overwhelmed. No shame in inpatient treatment.