Lost my battle with alcohol 4/20

I was doing so well January 1st 2018 I did not have my first drink until April 20th after that I said I’ll be okay this will just be a one-time thing. I went about a week sober then I tried to do it again and went about a week and a half and I’m still in the same place …we are now in October. During my relapse a lot has changed my husband and I are now separated… he’s definitely no innocent bystander but I know my drinking didn’t help our problems. I just feel like I’m in a pit of depression because I know I need help but now getting help is only for myself, it’s not to salvage my relationship I just wish I didn’t have this problem I feel such a dark cloud over my life and I just want to have that happy sober personality back. four and a half months without drinking was the best time of my life I just want to go back to that.


So be sober, forever, and have the best time of your life, forever.

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Do you have a program of any kind? If not, I suggest looking into going to an AA meeting. I know that I struggled for years on my own and once I realized I couldn’t do it by myself I had already won half the battle. Alcoholics Anonymous along with the 12 steps have saved my life. I am now over 10 months sober. You too can break free from your addiction.


I can relate, I was sober for 10 months 3 years ago and it was GOOD. I looked good, felt great, lost weight and received tons of compliments on my transformation. Then I had a glass of wine while out to dinner. I said it was only 1 and I’d never spiral back to my old ways…
3 years later I’m divorced, heavier than I ever was and drink 5 -6 drinks a day. I just hit the reset button again the morning. 3rd time in 12 days. I absolutely HAVE to get back to clarity. You can do this! Remember how good it is to be sober. We are not the kind of people to have a casual drink here and there. All or nothing. I choose nothing!

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Welcome back. You can do this. I could not do it alone. Most people can’t. I read lots of books that help me to understand my addiction. The naked mind really changed my perspective maybe it will help you too. But the biggest thing that keeps me sober is AA. I dont go as often as I used to in the beginning but when i get complacent and confident I attend a meeting. When I feel weak and stressed i attend a meeting. Get my head on straight and go back to sober living. This is a long tough road, get people in your corner. It will make it a smoother ride.

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