Lucid dream?

Last night I had a dream that upset me but it ALMOST was a drinking dream. Here’s what happened…

It was University final exams. The campus bar had a special going on that if you could show that you had been studying all day at the library they would serve you a free beer. I went into the bar and was JUST about to order my beer when I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to double check the time and place if my exam. I had written in my calendar one time but I had a feeling it wasn’t right. So I then started running around campus trying to find an official exam schedule to see if I could find my exam which may have been starting in a matter of minutes.

I woke up completely stressed that I might have missed my exam…which is so funny because I’m 47 years old!!! LOL. But later I realized that I avoided drinking in my dream. Is it possible that I actively changed my dream so I wouldn’t drink? I was still stressed out but I’d rather be stressed about failing a course than stressed about hitting reset.

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I don’t know how many days you are sober at the moment, but I can definitly relate to having dreams around using/drinking when you are sober, I had many myself where I would wake up in the morning with the feeling I just had a relapse, it then usually takes about 10 minutes to get back to my senses realising it was just a dream but I would feel like crap.
But you can look at it as part of the process, you are saying you made the right choice in your dream which in my eyes is a huge step, I too can relate to that while dreaming, it means your brain is processing, changing the thoughts you have while awake, so all I can say is congratulations, you are on the right road, keep going!

Thats bizarre! Since stopping using ive been having ‘late to shool’ dreams!! Im still 28 in my dream but im late for shool, its blood weird!

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I always have school dreams. Usually it’s final exams and I haven’t been to class so I need to study the whole course in one note without any notes. Very stressful. Sometimes it’s because I meant to drop the course but forgot to do it. LOL.

Nah. You would know if you were lucid. Lucid dreams are quite profound, and if you realize you’re in one, you wouldn’t be worried about an exam, because you know it’s just a dream. Plus there are far more funner things to do, such as flying. Worrying about an exam is just silly and would be the furthest thing from your mind.

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I would NEVER fly!! LOL. Flying scares me.

But good point. I didn’t consciously choose to change my dream.

I have lucid dreams every now and then, usually when I’m really tired. Usually,
I’m laying in bed with my eyes closed, then all of a sudden a whole world is created before my eyes and I feel like I am awake as I am now. My first task is to fly away because it’s awesome to just jump up and fly away! Unfortunately, lucid dreams happen less frequently than sleep paralysis. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


I think I experienced sleep paralysis once. It was crazy. I felt this massive weight on me and I couldn’t move…I was actually afraid that I was being possessed. I figured that must be what it’s like to have another entity enter your body and soul.

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