Made a sober good friend and went to aa together

i have been going to aa off and on for about 10 years but i never could grasp sobriety because i never hit the bottom and i feel blessed that that is the case because it could be a lot worse.

i went to aa today with a good friemd who is in the same boat as me. we both have phyc issues and have always been able to relate to eachother

today i went looking for a job and guess what, i found one but the big boss is an oldtimer at my meeting. lmao he said when your serious about your sobriety, come back to see me. so i thought about that all day today and decided to ask my buddy if he wanted to go to an aa meeting with me that evening. he did great for his first meeting and we both got our one day coin.

we are both going to push and supporte eachother in our new journy together. i feel i got very lucky with thia friend. someone i know that sits next to me in a meeting is totally what i needed and i think he feels the same way.

my advice to newly sober people or people who just cant grasp sobriety is to try and find someone who feels the same way you do and get your butt to meetings together. another peice of advice… old timers love messin with new commers sometimes in a good way. kinda like when you first walk into a !eeting and your like wtf, one guy gave me a hug and said welcome and another said i have assholeitise and i need to sit down and shut up lmao. its all good though. i know my potential boss as a old timer in AA. like wtf small effin world. ill know monday by the latestnif i got it. ill be a landscaper hopefully. woot woot

p.s. even if i dont get this job because of whatever reason, i still have a buddy to go to AA with and thats all someone like me can ask for.

goodnight guys


Lol, assholeitis, love this! Sounds like some awesome tough love. I think if I had someone to go with I might be more disciplined in going more frequently. Thanks for sharing and hope you get the job! @Schnight


This sounds like a fantastic day. Just goes to show that alcoholics can come from all walks of life and it’s interesting to see all of our wildly different lives juxtaposed in one room at AA meetings–big bosses, landscapers, old buddies, etc.

So happy for you that you have your friend/AA buddy. I just started going to meetings so I’m trying to make some buddies myself haha.

Fingers crossed for you, your potential job, and your sobriety journey!

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