Made it a couple weeks...reset

Hi. This is my first post. I downloaded this app and started day one of my sobriety on May 1st 2023. I made it 2 weeks which was going so well. This past weekend hit and I gave in. Seems like the weekends are the hardest part. I rarely drink during the week. I work overnights so there really isn’t any motivation for me to drink. I’ve been a weekend drinker for years. I just want to stop cold turkey but easier said than done. I reset on Monday so I’m a day in and starting over now. I read alot of posts on here and alot of you are very strong. That being said. Here we go. One day at a time.


Welcome to Talking Sober Zach. Hope this place can be as helpful to you as it has been to me.

You know, none of us is particularly strong here. I strongly (pun intended) believe the difference is that we do it together. Addiction is lonely. Recovery is finding connecting. I hope you can find that too. All success Zach.


Welcome! First, try to change your mindset that drinking is some kind of weekend ‘treat’ or ‘relaxing’. It steals your time and makes you feel like shit. Can you organise some truly relaxing or interesting stuff to do? Hiking, playing music, whatever.


Welcome! Coming here is a great first step.

For me, weekends were tough as well. Guess what!?!?? Now that you are sober, your weekends are free for you to do what ever you want. What are somethings you always wanted to do, but drinking got in the way?

Fill your life with sober things!


Hey welcome Zach! Glad you found this place. This has been an invaluable part of my recovery for the past 5 and a half years. I work a lot. While I ended up drinking late at night when I’d get homes, the weekends were REALLY the time where I “released the pressure valve”. I thought that, working as hard as I did, that I deserved to blow off steam, party, and make the most of my weekends.

Little did I know that that very idea was what was sabotaging me. Leaving me hungover and useless usually by Sunday (if not Saturday) and bringing me into the next week feeling tired, depleted and anxious.

When I flipped the script and got sober. I realized that my weekends were finally what I wanted them to be. Time to adventure, time to catch up, time to meet with friends, cook good food, going kayaking, check out a show, head into the city, or rest and recharge if that’s what was needed.

My life (and weekends) opened up when I stopped believing the lie that drinking was somehow helping my weekends.

So glad you’re here :blue_heart:


Thank you!

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You’re right. I’m so used to looking at the weekend in a light I am repeating. I’m looking for something to change that. Beneficial hobbies. Thank you.

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Makes so much sense. I have a habit of ending my weekend nights with drinking. That’s what I have to change. Find that other thing. That’s why I came to this site for outpouring advice. Not just my own thoughts. Thank you.


Everything you just said resonates with me currently. Feeling so tired and full of anxiety starting my week sometimes. It’s the change I need to make and take control of. Thank you for your words. I know exactly what you mean. Thank you.


Hey buddy! I don’t know where you are located, but I’ve used the meetup app to find lots of activities to participate in with others based on hobby. My hiking club, birdwatchers, etc. provide a lot to do on the weekends. Lots of fun people don’t drink. Glad you are here.

I’m on day 31. I found the first couple of weekends a bit challenging, but the last two have been easier and in reality, my weekends have been overall better. I actually feel like I have time and they don’t just disappear. I’ve also been out an about doing more things that I didn’t really do before because I would have rather been home drinking.

I’m sleeping really well, so I’m usually up early now on weekends and have been enjoying sunrise walks while listening to AF living podcasts with my coffee…been on a couple of hikes in the mountains, one with a Meetup group and one with the family. I’ve done a bit of mountain biking, took in an EV car show (with test drives), and went to check out the downtown farmers market which is the biggest in the city and been around for years, but I’ve never been. I’m finding lots of new and interesting things to do with my time. I also bought a couple of model airplanes which was a hobby of mine before drinking took over and I’m planning to sit down with my two boys (10 & 13) this weekend and put them together.


I find it common that unless you change your life you will fall back into old habits, just stopping drinking or using does not work, it’s your daily routine, life, weekends, friends…you have to make changes in order for your sobriety to have a better chance of succeeding.
Think about what you can possibly change especially at the weekend socialising with different people or different hobby :heart:
Doesn’t matter how many times you reset the sobriety clock you just keep trying until you find the right path, stay strong :muscle::pray:


Wow! I just want to say how impressive this is. Action like yours it what it takes to get to the good stuff. Grateful to be on this path with you.

I did reset nine consecutive times before I actually got sober. Relapse is a part of sobriety.