Made it to the hospital for detox

Stopped for Chinese food before detox. Walked in noticed it was a little warm in the restaurant. As we ate our food I noticed a young man messing with the thermostat as his wife “encouraged” him :joy:. After about 10 minutes I volunteered to help(6 years hvac experience). Long story short I fixed the issue, lady was so grateful and said it was a blessing I showed up today on the Chinese New Year and helped them!


Good look at detox man keep us updated . Nice job on the repair , no discount on the Chinese ? :slight_smile:

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Paid our bill and gave us $20 gift certificate. Not bad for 15 minutes of work :muscle:t2:. No beds available at the detox but I’m at 74 hours of sobriety so they sent me home with some meds. Hopefully Monday


Just wanted to check on you… Hospitals are no fun… I seen you are home… Are the meds helping? How are you feeling?

Just had to pass all my drug and alcohol tests. It’s a process to get in rehab that’s for sure! Staying focused on the big picture and trying not to get discouraged!! :pray:


I’m out of likes for an hour because I like a lot of stuff on here but that’s great you passed!!! Yes big picture… A better brighter future… :blush:

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I hope you didn’t drive a long distance to have them say no beds available. I hope you’re doing ok, stick with it Michael…:hugs: