Making a Change

I just can’t take living here anymore. The constant cleaning and my sisters dog going potty everywhere she pleases drives me mad. We aren’t treated as adults here but rather as children. I’m almost thirty and I want to be able to provide for myself. I need that sense of self confidence to help me grow as a person. A friend offered to help get me a hotel room for a month until I get back on my feet again. I’m hoping they’ll come through on their word because the sooner I’m out of here the better. It’s been a hard decision to leave but ultimately I’ll be happier. I haven’t been IN love with my husband in years. All the bull I just really hope that everything works out. I know I haven’t been the best person but I know I can do better and hopefully the universe sees that and grants me my wish of escape from this house I’m in. That’s all I got just wanted to share my news. Nothing is set in stone so I could be back on here shitfaced because something didn’t work out. Fml


Thanks for sharing :pray:t2:
I feel with you
Nothing is ever set in stone and life is ever changing. All we can do is to adapt and learn from our past experiences and put new ones into perspective
I hope you get to where you want to be :heart:


I’m sorry your feeling like this. I do understand where your coming from. You have over a year under your belt! Stay strong!


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I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time Ivy. Hopefully you can find a space that works for you to connect with yourself and reach your goals. Take care & stay safe :innocent: