Making a positive experience out of a negative experience

Turning a negative experience into something more positive is not always easy, and can be confronting at times. From my research and what I am learning there are ways to take a bad situation and get /learn something positive from it.

I have been trying to be mindful that when negative things happen, I keep telling myself “this will pass” every bad moment in life will end at some point, which can be a comfort during the worst of times.

I then try to make purpose of what has happened and learn from it, I am one of those people who thinks everything happens for a reason. I also try to use what I have learned to my advantage in a similar situation that may arise down the track.

Even at times the following can be hard I always try to look at the funny side of things as this can lighten the mood and also make getting through a tough situation easier. I also try to not dwell on something negative and busy myself (this is where exercise, meditation or even talking to a trusted friend or family member can help)

The best way to rise up from a negative experience and move on from a situation is to set new, positive goals to focus on. I have found that this can be put to use in many situations. I just wanted to share with you all what I have been learning and maybe this can help others.


@Ozdownunder Thank you so much for sharing! I needed to hear this today. I love your positive attitude! Positive people, positive results! I also am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason & there’s a season for everything! Blessings to you & hugs! :smile::smile::smile::sparkling_heart::clap::clap::clap::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::v::v::v:

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Yeah definetly needed to read this today

@Soberlife05 @Tyler_Neal_Carlson was my pleasure just sharing what I have learnt. I think everyone on the planet needs to learn the power of being positive in negative situations (the world would not be where it currently is right!) In saying this we all have our part to play and I believe in playing it forward. I used to be quite negative and found it was eating me up, so I made changes and things are already coming up aces. Positive thinking also attracts positive experiences as well in all aspects of life, hang in there guys we are all in this together… Thumbs up from Kangaroo land LOL


Effects Of Negative People Found this online and thought it insightful…

Even if you are practicing the Law of Attraction and positive thinking, negative vibes can still become a presence in your thoughts. It is actually easy to fall back into old thought patterns that can have devastating effects on your mood. Some people don’t like when things are going well in their lives. They enjoy a life of drama. The drama gives them the feeling of purpose. They now have a situation to solve or a situation to create. They use the drama to have others feel sorry for them or gain attention to their cause. Surrounding yourself with people like this can drain your energy.

They can make you doubt the knowledge and feelings that you have worked hard to create for your life and inner peace. At times, you may have no choice but to be around people like this. Maybe they are family members or co-workers. In this case, your positive energy can turn events. You do not need to use your words to change events.

Utilizing a visualization method of a positive thought works well. Looking at a picture on your desk or cell phone of a loved one distracts the mind from the negative. Visualizing a happy event that you want to happen or one that has already happened can help clear away negative thoughts. If you enjoy the physical, go for a long walk outside at lunch or after work. Take time to look at the stillness of the trees, the beauty of nature, and become apart of it not just an onlooker. Clear the mind of all noise. After doing this, you will be better able to refocus your energy on the positive that you deserve to enjoy.

I use these methods often in my profession as a high school Special Education teacher. I also have called upon others that practice the Laws of Attraction and positive thinking for support when the noise in my mind becomes destructive. Reaching out to others that understand is a great way to refocus the energy and regain inner peace.


@Ozdownunder That’s really awesome & true! I agree with you! I call them emotional vampires… Also like the law of attraction! I read the book & the movie! Thanks for sharing! :smile::smile::smile::sparkling_heart::+1::+1::v::v:

Train Yourself to Be More Positive in 5 Steps
Found this article online - follow the link below - thought this was a good read…

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@Ozdownunder Thanks for sharing! Great article, I agree with being positive is a choice! It’s a way of thinking, that we have to train our mind! If we don’t we’ll be control by our thoughts. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::tulip::rose::v::v:


Being positive is not only a choice but something you need to constantly work on. I think it is also a state of mind where you have to be constantly aware and put it to use constructively. It can be hard when the odds are against you but in the end the positive thinking and mindset you develope start paying off… I also try to see the good in all things that come my way… :blush:

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