Making it work this time

Well I have been trying to quit drinking since 2019. 2 stints in 2 different rehabs, one that also treated my PTSD, and more therapy than you can imagine. I got sober again a month ago after several relapses. My last time in rehab I did 7 months sober until my common law at the time suggested I have a drink at a hockey game. I, of course spiraled into drinking daily again. (He is now my ex).

This time I went on medication to quit and it is working wonders. I have zero desire to drink and truly believe this time I’m doing this !!! The medication is A composite (campral) and if I had Been prescribed it in the beginning I believe I could have quit years ago. I feel great and am looking forward to the sober life in front of me!

For anyone struggling, like I have, keep trying be and don’t give up!


Welcome back! So glad you have found a tool that will help you in your journey! :peace_symbol::heart:

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Welcome DarB!!!

Glad to see you here on the boards. :smiley:

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