Making My Own Destiny

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I’m starting to find the rhythm that I’ve been searching for Lord knows how long. I’m harnessing my Charisma into something positive, I’ve been spending more time with my wife, I’ve been working out every day, my duties as a soldier are being fulfilled to the T and I’m working on finally getting promoted.
I struck a good balance between Forcing and letting things go there Natural course. I’m not scared of any of this any more! I’ve accepted this and embraced it. I REFUSE to listen or even let Negativity get into my bubble. I have this Determination within me that I completely comprehend. I’m Destined to do whatever the fuck I want to do and that in itself is the Best feeling in the :earth_americas:!


Thank you for sharing and thank you for your service

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I’m at 500 days and I totally get what you are saying about the determination with in. I describe it as a fire in my belly. I know my life is going to be different soon and I know that I can go and get anything I want in my future and make it work ! Never felt that when I was drinking but feel it now all the time. It’s like I’ve just woken up and I’m raring to go! Thank you for you post and for your service :pray:t2::two_hearts:


It’s an amazing, eye opening experience for sure. One that has to be grasped by both hands firmly so that it will never slip away again. Thank you and @Gabe.G for the kind words ^.^

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I’m only 35 days in but I am no longer panicking about never drinking again. Today is just another day I will become stronger and much more positive about life.

Thank you for your service😊


That’s great keep putting in the training and you will win the fight. Never stop punching back.

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