Marijuana no sex drive

So… Here i am my first day to quit smoking weed and it freaking sucks. I have completely lost my sex drive and I am hoping not smoking helps…am I the only one in the world this has happened to? I hope to find my sexuality again because I’m so lost. I love weed and I’ve been smoking since I was 13 I’m 27 now.

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Just hang in there it gets worse before it gets better. Thru my opiate detox i lost sex drive for 6 months atleast. For you may not quiet be the same. It is a withdrawl symptom unfortunately. These things can be stressful in a relationship which is why we recommend waiting til your body has balanced out. It will return when the ocassion arrises. It ended up being a good thing so i could focus on the most important thing in recovery to love myself and strive to be better then just another junkie poking needles in his arm.


I don’t know about marijuana but alcohol took away my sex drive. I’m not sure how much was physical or mental since drinking created situations where I just didn’t want my husband anywhere near me, let alone touch me. I’m now 3 months sober and I can feel some drive returning but I’m still not wanting husband to touch me. I hope it continues to get better with more time.

Thanks Donnie!

I know right… I really hope this helps us both…

I have found weed in general changes my sex drive. That’s as specific as I can be, as there doesn’t seem to be any consistency to it. Anyways it’ll come back , don’t worry about that.

Marijuana Anonymous can help on dealing with the withdrawal symptoms the site, the book, the meetings have reassured me I’m not going through this alone. #savedmylife