Martial arts and other sports

Interested to no of anyone likes to play sports or workout as part of their recovery. I myself am an avid kickboxer and i was a fighter even before getting sober. I find it such a good release of my anger and anxietys. Hope to hear from someone.

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I train in and teach boxing, Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Lethwei,.and Krav Maga. I teach 10 or so classes a week.

Martial arts is a huge part of my sobriety.


Where abouts is it you train i miss it

I teach at a local school, from which I started as a whitebelt and eventually earned my blackbelt.

I started training after being sober for 3 months, and just went all in. I’d attend class 4 nights a week, plus Saturday mornings. I’d sign up for seminars and multi-day camps too. I also did some online courses with world renowned fighters and coaches.

I invested the money I saved not drinking into paying for all this, plus I built a fight gym in my garage, complete with flooring, ground mats, freestanding and hanging heavybags, double-end and maize bags, ground bags, kettle bells, pull up bar…pretty much everything I needed to practice outside class.

When COVID hit and everything closed down, my school held classes via zoom. A couple of friends/training partners would come over for the nightly class. We didn’t miss a beat.

If you miss it, what’s stopping you from getting after it? I highly recommend martial arts as part of sober life.


The gym i trainned at has closed its door for a few years now so it would be nice to find another family to train with local in Oregon Portland

As big a city as Portland is, I’m sure there’s no shortage of schools and gyms.

True that keep strong my friend and safe

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