Maybe I have more addictions then I think

I keep having sex/rape (also super weird) dreams. I think I have a problem. Super stressed about it right now. Got rid of drinking and drugs but still feel like I’m struggling with other stuff in life. I feel like it’s not easy. Any suggestions

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Hey Krose. What other stuff do you particulary mean? :slight_smile:

Not sure what u mean

I just mean I’m quitting smoking cigarettes but also lately I’ve been getting mad about not having sex with my boyfriend and feeling aggressive about it.

When I quit cigarettes at 3 years sober, I found that I was using smoking to manage my anger. So my anger got out of control and I didn’t know what to do with it. I ended up using the 12 steps of AA on my smoking and anger. Plus I started eating, I put on about 40 lbs in 6 months.

So some positive experience and some not so good. I stayed off cigarettes, though, and after 6 months or so I started going to the gym. In my alcoholic fashion, that has led to an amateur career as a triathlete. I don’t do shit by halves!

Your anger or rage will pass, and you have skills and tools to use on it. Blessings on your house :pray:.

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@Krose it’s possible you have more than one addiction, it’s very common to have multiple. Here’s a link to a questionnaire to one more common than people think, and I’ve seen that it often leads to and fuels other addiction.


Thank you. That’s very helpful. I appreciate it

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I am working a recovery program, just from time to time I struggle with dealing with how I feel about things. It is getting better tho the longer I stay sober.

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I am cyber addict with transfer i could transfer on anything. I became addict to sex, amphetamine, weed, cigaret, alcohol you name it. But what is importent to fight back is aim on your main one and try to dont switch. Cigaret is still a switch of addiction but if you stop drinking and switch to cigaret it’s still a temporary win in my opinion.

Great way to look at it. Thank u. That’s definitely how I feel too. I know someday I will lock cigarettes ass as well. :smiley: I just keep trying. I’m not giving up that’s for sure. It’s worth it to keep trying

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