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Hi all. I stopped posting here and actually removed the app from my phone’s home page bc I started drinking again after about 20 days sober. But I’ve put the widget back on my home page and am posting here again for support and accountability.

I initially quit drinking 10/29/22, and made it to mid-November before I gave in. Granted, it wasn’t every night like it was before. But pretty damn close to it. It seemed like the nights I was strong, my husband would bring booze home and vice versa.

I’m tired of letting my addictions drive me, and my husband and I both decided to give up alcohol for good as of New Years Day. I haven’t had a drop since NYE. It’s easier this time around (though still not awesome), so I’m really, really hoping this will be the time it sticks. I just re-signed up for therapy too, and this time won’t lie about my alcohol usage.

Wish me luck!


Glad your back :hugs:


If you haven’t already read This Naked Mind, now might be a good time to read it. I read it (repeatedly) at the point that you seem to be at right now, and it changed my outlook completely. I went from white knuckling it, leaning heavily on willpower, to not wanting to drink at all. It’s much easier that way.
There’s also hundreds of free podcasts, which really helped me too. I find the Naked Life Stories most useful.
Good luck.


Thank you! I’ve heard of that, even went so far as to sign up for the email newsletter (of which, I haven’t opened a single one of). I just downloaded the ebook though and will start that today.


Welcome back! Doing anything different this time around?

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Welcome back!!! I got a lot from This Naked Mind. I also really liked Quit Like A Woman. Reading helped me out lot.


Other than having the full support of my husband? Not especially. Last time, he didn’t care as much about quitting as I did bc drinking didnt affect him the way it did me (he never drank enough to blackout, was rarely hungover, etc), so he was more likely to suggest it and I have really shitty impulse control.

I did just download This Naked Mind at an earlier commenters suggestion and have started that. And I re-enrolled in online therapy and intend to actually talk about my addiction this time.


That all sounds good. Lean on us as well…be active!


Let me know how you go with it. I’ve read it many times now, and picked up on different things each time.

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Welcome back. You have the keys to the Kingdom right in your hand. Use them. :pray::heart:

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Welcome back! I wish you great resolve, humor, peace, and reflection. I find luck overrated. Glad you’re back, and you sound so strong. :two_hearts: