Me VS Myself

Hello guys, today I am 52 days sober. My drug of choice is Xanax. I feel my addictive thinking kicking in because I am attending my girlfriends family party tonight, I know there will be drinking. I have bad thoughts I know I shouldn’t have trying to justify taking a shot or two or three… ya know…
I don’t plan on staying home I am committed to going, do you guys have some responses I can use to deny drinking without making it seem like I have a problem because I know it’ll be offered to me. Love you all help is appreciated!


Drive the car. Dont want a dui. Your taking a break from drinking. Your feeling under the weather. You got something to do sunday. There is many excuses to drink. Just be honest and tell anyone who offers a drink. That your cutting down or just not drinking at the moment.


Sober October… DD… fitness challenge… on a medication… or I just don’t feel like drinking tonight… Best wishes to you


OOoOoo I really like those ones, sober October and I’m on a medication


Everyone has already said all the stuff I can come up with; one of my favorites is saying that your stomach is upset. People always understands not wanting to drink alcohol if you’re already feeling sick.

These days I just tell people I don’t drink and if they want to judge me, I know it’s not someone I need to spend time with again. That being said, I totally get your situation and wanting to have an excuse on hand.

I like your avatar a lot btw


Won’t they eventually find out anyway? Looking someone dead in the eye with confidence and telling them you don’t drink works best.

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Hope you stayed strong :muscle: