Meeting maker

Today I find myself looking at my meeting list wanting to go to a meeting just so I can see the people that I absolutely adore or to find a newcomer I had a sponsee that broke up with me that has now called me three times today and I feel like I just want to go to a meeting and in the sobriety I’ve never quite had that feeling but today I just want to go to a meeting and see people and be around people it’s really unusual for me quite matter of fact I’m the type of alcoholic that has sobriety that only goes to like one or two meetings a week. The way I’m able to get away with not going to as many meetings as because I have a great network of people that I talk to you on the phone all the time but today I feel like I just might want to go to a meeting just out of the blue something new and switch it up a little bit…


Nice pal! I have learned to trust feelings like that. Who knows what will happen, right? Most likely you will be exactly where you are supposed to be at the exact time you are supposed to be there:)

i to at the spur of the moment say to my wife im off to a meeting not planned just i feel that i need one cant explain it and im a old timer who has his meetings planed ahead i mostly chair them now so to sit back and listen still helps this old scostguy wish you well go for it