Meetings Change

Hey Everyone!
So tonight I tried to go back to my regular AA meeting since this COVID mess shut down. When everything shutdown, you know, like the whole damn world, my home group closed as well. It was until I looked on AASTL (for those in saint Louis looking for a meeting) and saw they had they’re meeting tonight. Went there all excited to see everyone again; with mask on and from 6 feet apart of course.Anyway, went only to see there was nobody there at all. I was early to help setup but there was nobody there. Also, I was 15 minutes early and usually people are setting up by 7:20 pm (the meeting was at 8) but it looked like nobody had been there in months. What do you guys suggest if you can’t find another meeting? Also tell everyone one good thing that happened in your life today!

Please and thank you for the advice in advance! Don’t know who needs to hear this but you’re doing amazing!


Thought about doing that but ended up eating my weight in pasta and watched schitts creek. Also congratulations to you! That’s incredible! Remember to keep up the great work!

Ugh. That sucks, Eric. That happened to me once even before the pandemic. I’m still doing a lot of zoom meetings but the F2F meetings are starting to happen more. Welcome to the forum, Eric!

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