Meme wars 1...2...3.... Go


Hahahjaja, me this am… Woke up feeling great but the looks didn’t follow


Love this. I am going to get one that says: “One More Home Improvement Salesperson and my windchime is complete”.

Here’s mine:



I feel like this can’t be true… Can it?!


I don’t even know where u buy a kettle?? maybe Wal-Mart?


This really is shocking :joy:


Although to be fair I don’t own a microwave which is a bit weird.

But if I did I wouldn’t make tea in it.


Lmao, I saw this and starting laughing…The microwave is I have always made tea! I think Americans mostly drink “Iced tea”


Its something special if your mom makes hot cocoa with milk on the stove


The idea of putting a cup of water in a microwave to make it boil just seems so bizarre to me.

But :100: yes to cocoa made on the stove!


I’m sure there are ppl in US that own kettles but my mom and grandmother never did. My great grandmother just used a small pot to boil water for tea…
Thanks for post you made me laugh


We don’t have the patience to wait for the kettle to boil. Americans are the reason why there’s microwave heating directions on pop-tarts, because we don’t have the patience to use a toaster.

We invented the “K-Cup”, because we want our coffee fresh, and we want it quick.

Americans are a restless people. We invented fast food, and now we get annoyed if we have to pull to the side and wait for our drivethru order. Fast food isn’t fast enough for us. We will likely invent the “matter replicator” some day, because waiting for our amazon delivery, or pizza delivery is too much. We want it NOW!

For the record, I do own a couple of tea-kettles. I use a French Press for my coffee. I brew-up tea in a cup.

All these “in a hurry” people only use that extra time to get in my way. They need to get off my lawn.


Even more special if she can do it without burning the milk.


I’m guilty of having typed in a tracking # from Amazon within mins of making a purchase :joy:


I don’t own a microwave either, I do sometimes miss it though.

Microwaves not only boil the water faster, they use less energy than an electric stove.


You sound like my customers.


I have also made tea thru a coffee maker before too…


I used to use the microwave exclusively, but now, I use a kettle because you can make multiple cups of tea, plus theres that anticipation of a hot cup of tea, and the steam whistle is oh so satisfying.


I made ramen in a coffee maker. Not “cup o noodles”. The brick noodles.

It’s an art, not a science.


I use a coffee pot to make coffee. That counts for something, right?

They say the newcomer is the most important person at the meeting, but I believe it is the coffee maker lol.


Better not be that damn coffee they serve in jail made with the root of the plant…:sweat_smile: def need coffee in our lives necessity to many. Brown sugar is a good solution when u run out of sugar. :wink: