Meme wars 1...2...3.... Go


This. :point_up: I may have texted one of these memes to a colleague during a particularly boring meeting a few weeks ago.

Professional AF.


It’s the best when you then have to try not to bust out laughing, once it’s read. Lurve it. Synchronized eye rolls, stink eyes, and smirks are good outcomes too heh. … and waiting for the reply text … geez, a goal for today … —> text someone in same room today lol


Old School: I used to kid my wife about how much “stuff” she had in her purse, and how much time she spent on the phone (old flip phone). We’d be in the car, and I’d surreptitiously dial her phone. She’d go digging through her purse cursing because she couldn’t find it, and just as she was about to answer, I’d hang up.

Or, she’d ask for me to ride-along while she ran errands, just so we could “spend time together”. No sooner had we started off, and one of her friends would call, and she’d be talking until we got to our destination. Pissed me off. So, when the call went more than a minute or two, I’d start dialing her phone. She’d see the 2nd call coming in, from me, and would look over at me. If she gave me the “1-minute” sign, I’d time it. If it went longer, I’d dial again.

One time, I just got out at a stop-light and started walking home, but that’s another story.



Car pool




Ahhh man… I love spam!



Me too. I’m a FAN of da SPAM.

Sodium-rich savory pork goodness in a can. Doesn’t get much better. Fry it, BBQ it, Bake it, or just slice it and eat it cold. Love. Me. Some. SPAM.


Yeah, when you are holding it, and it reverses course, it sounds like your stomach is growling, so you can play it off. I call these TRAFs, FARTs that reverse course.


Monty Python spam gag :joy:


And the shelf life! Whats not to love?


SPAM, Ramen, Siracha. All I need for the zombie apocalypse.


:joy: :joy: :joy: Sorry couldn’t help myself, this made me laugh a lot :joy: